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13 Twitter Reactions to The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale



Last night’s finale for The Walking Dead drew more than 12.4 million viewers and received some mixed emotions from fans. We took to Twitter to see how viewers reacted to the gruesome finale. Let us know what you thought about the show in the comments.


  1. Now that this season of #thewalkingdead is over, I will practically be #thewalkingdead till the next season starts…
  • Tweaked my #WalkingDead recap a bit after re-watching. There’s always more to say:…
  • Probably should of killed the #governor when ya had the chance. Hey Andrea?#haha #walkingdead
  • Worst season final of every TV show #WalkingDead – Where is the battle we were all waiting for ???
  • Jaw still hanging open since last night’s #WalkingDead. Holy crap.
  • Everyone in this show is an amazing actor. How they make a zombie show a hit is crazy. Love every aspect of it. #walkingdead
  • #WalkingDead laughs in the face of your 4.4 million viewers, #GameofThrones! (Don’t want to start a flame war, but it’s true.)
  • After last night’s #WalkingDead, the Governor is 833828292829 times more beautiful to me.
  • This show knows how to rip heart out throw it on the floor and stomp on it. #walkingdead #fighttheliving
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