98 Degrees Member, Jeff Timmons, to Star in New E! Reality Show


Jeff Timmons, of popular ’90s boy band 98 Degrees, just landed his own E! reality show.

“Men Of The Strip” will follow Timmons and the rest of the cast as they go through the ups and downs of starring in a Las Vegas revue — as well as show tons of skin.

“It’s more than a normal male revue,” Timmons told People Magazine of the new series. “We chose guys who can sing, who are funny and entertaining. The show will start with a 90-minute movie over Memorial Day weekend, and then we’ll start our Vegas residency right after that.”

The cast of the revue were found during a three-month long cross-country search, followed by a 42-city promotional tour.

Now 40-years-old, Timmons admits that staying in shape hasn’t been as easy as it once was, but he works hard at it and adheres to a strict diet. In turn, he has gotten great results.

“It’s mostly about diet. I watch what I eat – low carb, not a lot of grains,” Timmons said. “No sugar, except for booze once in a while. I eat lean meat, eggs, fish. It’s kind of a boring, bland diet. I like sweets, so I can’t eat any of them. If I have a bite, it becomes a gallon of ice cream, or an entire cake, or a dozen donuts.”

“I also work out about four times a week,” he continues. “I’ll do free weights and P90X. I like doing yoga, and I do high intensity interval training, too.”

Adds his wife, Amanda, “We’ll be watching a movie and he’ll be curling weights while we watch it!”

In addition to staying healthy, Timmons also must keep his body hair in check. Unfortunately, since he has a fear of waxing, this is something that can be extremely time consuming, especially considering the amount of his body that needs to be hair free.

“I manscape,” Timmons said with a laugh. “I shave my chest; I’m too much of a chicken to wax it! I make sure that everything is neatly trimmed.”

This revue marks the second for Jeff Timmons who joined The Chippendales show at RIO Las Vegas as emcee and singer for a limited run in the spring of 2011.

“Men Of The Strip” will premeire on E! this summer.

Photo Courtesy of Gabe Ginsberg/Flickr

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