5 Reasons Tina Belcher Really is the Best Character on TV

Entertainment Weekly recently conducted a poll asking readers to vote for the best character on TV. There were over two dozen characters to choose from, but teen burger queen Tina Belcher beat them all.

The awkward but endearing “Bob’s Burgers” star finished ahead of beloved characters like Sherlock Holmes (“Sherlock”), Arya Stark (“Game of Thrones”), and Alison Hendrix (“Orphan Black”). You might be shocked that a cartoon girl, voiced by a guy, managed to defeat the world’s greatest detective, everyone’s favorite sword-toting tomboy, and a card-carrying member of the Clone Club, but we think there are plenty of reasons Tina Belcher deserved to top the list.

1. She has a cool catchphrase.

Unlike Bart Simpson, Tina doesn’t need a collection of catchphrases to be cool. In fact, her catchphrase isn’t even a word – it just consists of a long, drawn-out sound. Teenaged Tina isn’t afraid to express her feelings using her famous angst-ridden groan, and doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s weird for doing it.

Without words, she perfectly expresses the pain of going through puberty. Tina fans probably wish they could respond to stressful situations the same way their favorite character does. It would be so cathartic to lie on the floor and groan for a minute or two whenever you just can’t deal with it anymore.

2. She’s not a girl, not yet a woman.

Tina is stuck in that awkward phase where she still loves ponies and kitty pajamas, but she’s like a female Sir-Mix-a-Lot when it comes to butts. We’ve seen her face getting too old to trick or treat by lamenting, “When you go from tween to teen, you say goodbye to Halloween,” and we’ve seen her struggle with shaving her legs. Tina saw her “furry little friends” as living things that would scream if she decided to terminate them, but she also wanted to give in to peer pressure by learning to shave. Because everyone has faced similar puberty problems, it’s easy to relate to Tina.

3. She writes zombie “friend fiction.”

How can you not love a girl who’s obsessed with zombies? Tina’s erotic zombie “friend fiction” might be a bit gross and weird, but you’ve got to applaud her for not being afraid to embrace who she is. She even understands her zombie obsession. “I have a complicated relationship with zombies,” she’s said. “They’re dangerous, but I love their swagger.”

Tina is so comfortable with the strange stuff going on in her head that she writes some of her friend fiction for a school assignment. Tina wants the entire boys’ basketball team to get zombified and fall in love with her, and she doesn’t care if the whole world knows it. You just know she’ll write the next “Twilight” or “Fifty Shades of Grey” someday.

4. She’s not afraid to flirt or use awesome pickup lines.

Tina is every nerdy girl’s hero because she always overcomes her awkwardness to flirt with a cute guy. The confident “charm bomb” also comes up with the best pickup lines. One of her best and boldest lines is, “Brr, it sure is cold in here. I wish some strong, chivalrous man would lend me his jacket – or his pants.”

She’s also great at coming up with pickup lines on the spot. When she encountered a boy on a bicycle, she casually asks him out by saying, “Do you know why they call it a bicycle? Because ‘bi’ means ‘two.’ Speaking of two, there’s two of us. Do you wanna go on a date, by the way?”

5. Her family is awesome.

Tina wouldn’t be Tina without the support of her amazing family. They don’t always “get” her, but they don’t make her feel bad for being a bit unusual. No one tries to tell her she’s too old to believe in mermaids and unicorns or too young to shave her legs. She has a dad willing to get his legs waxed with her and an extremely optimistic mom who enthusiastically encourages her to write “freaky friend fiction.”

Because her family makes her feel comfortable with who she is, Tina sees herself as a “smart, strong, sensual woman.” If you watch “Bob’s Burgers,” you’ll wish you had Tina’s family when you were going through your terrible teens.

Do you agree that Tina Belcher is the best character on TV?

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