5 Questions “Fargo” Season 2 Will Answer


During the Television Critics Association Press Tour, show runner Noah Hawley talked about the future of “Fargo” and how it will be taking place in the past. Based on what he said, I’m hopeful season two will answer a few burning questions.

1. What happened at Sioux Falls?

Something sinister happened at Sioux Falls in 1979, and it shook diner owner Lou Solverson so much that he still can’t stop talking about it 27 years later. The gruff and grizzled former cop mentioned Sioux Falls multiple times during season one, and it looks like fans are finally going to find out just what happened in the South Dakota town during season two.

“The next 10-hour movie is going to be the story of Sioux Falls,” Hawley said. “It takes place in 1979. The stories are set in Luverne, Minn., Fargo and Sioux Falls.”

We know the Sioux Falls incident resulted in a massive body count, and wizened warrior Lou made it sound like the deaths were pretty gruesome.

“I’d call it animal except animals only kill for food,” he told hit man Lorne Malvo during season one. He echoed this sentiment during a shotgun porch vigil with granddaughter Greta. He told her about a similar 1979 vigil, and she asked him who he thought was coming. He responded, “Wasn’t a question of who. More like what.”

If the killers found sick and twisted ways to take down prey, this could mean we’ll see more scenes like the one where Lorne duct-taped trainer Don Chumph to a treadmill with a gun in his hands so the poor guy would get Swiss cheesed by a SWAT team.

Lou also got shot during the Sioux Falls massacre, so we’ll get to learn how that happened.

2. What was Lou like as a young police officer?

Keith Carradine won’t be returning to play the younger version of Lou, and he’s going to be sorely missed. However, hopefully “Fargo” will find another unknown gem like Tolman to play the show’s new lead.

It seems highly unlikely young Lou was ever a bumbling mess like future son-in-law Gus Grimly. As Hawley pointed out at the TCA press tour, Lou fought in the Vietnam War before becoming a state police officer. “Lou fought in Vietnam, came home and thought he’d left the war behind and here it is. It’s domestic now,” he said, according to Vulture. This means the 33-year-old cop might be just as world-weary as older Lou – he’s already used to seeing death and the dark side of humanity.

Season two will also focus on Lou’s relationship with Gus’s old boss, Lieutenant Ben Schmidt. During season one, Lou let Gus know he wasn’t a big fan of the guy, and it was revealed that the cops worked together on a task force during the Sioux Falls massacre. It sounds like Lt. Schmidt might be the Chief Bill Oswalt to Lou’s Molly, but I have a feeling young Lou isn’t going to be as mild-mannered as his daughter. He might have a lot more to say if his good police work gets pooh-poohed by an inept idiot superior.

3. What happened to Molly’s mother/Lou’s wife?

Molly’s mother is mysteriously missing from season one of “Fargo,” but she’s going to be very present during season two.

According to TV Guide, Hawley revealed that Molly shares her mother’s “plucky” spirit, so it already sounds like Betsy Solverson will be a likeable character. She’s the daughter of the sheriff of Rock County, another new character who will be introduced during season two. The sheriff is probably pretty protective of his baby girl, so there’s a chance he and Lou might not have the best relationship.

Hawley didn’t reveal what fate will befall Betsy, but I’m betting we’ll all need to have a box of tissues handy.

4. Was Malvo involved in the Sioux Falls massacre?

Lou implied some sort of monster was responsible for the mysterious Sioux Falls killings, and for some reason he felt compelled to tell Malvo about the massacre. Obviously there was something he recognized in Malvo that brought the bloodbath to mind.

At one point during season one, Molly talks to Ida about Sioux Falls.

“They caught the guys. The little one, he even got probation. Convinced the jury it was a Stockholm syndrome deal,” she revealed. From this statement we learn there were multiple killers, and one of them was underage. Was he a teenaged Malvo?

Malvo makes multiple references to kids being raised by wolves, including one where he scoffs at the rosy picture painted by “The Jungle Book.” “You know what wolves do?” he asked. “They hunt. They kill.” Maybe murderous Malvo knows what really happens when a kid grows up surrounded by animalistic killers.

Malvo and Molly never meet face-to-face during season one, so how chilling would it be to see an encounter between a 4-year-old Molly and a teenaged Malvo? And if young Malvo did play a part in the death of Molly’s mother, chew on this mind-blowing thought: Malvo took her mom, but, because of him, she gained a daughter and a husband. Molly and Gus never would have met if it weren’t for the chaos caused by the cold-blooded killer.

5. Will someone get wood chippered?

Maybe the writers thought a wood chipper scene would be too gimmicky for season one. However, now that they know that “Fargo” fans love the show’s movie references, maybe they’ll feature the gruesome body-disposal method during season two. Hawley also said that Coen fans need to watch out for references to the movies “Miller’s Crossing” and “The Man Who Wasn’t There.”

It sounds like season two is going to be one hell of a ride, don’t you think?

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