5 of the Best “The Mindy Project” Guest Stars Who Weren’t Mindy or Danny’s Love Interests


Most “The Mindy Project” guest stars have been triple F (funny, fine, famous) dudes cast as Mindy’s romantic foils. Mindy’s onscreen conquests include Max Greenfield, Seth Rogen, Ben Feldman, Timmy Olyphant, Anders Holm, and Glenn Howerton.

Mindy’s new man has also done pretty well for himself. Danny’s love interests have been played by Chloë Sevigny, Allison Williams, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Now Mindy and Danny are officially coupled up, and hopefully they’ll stay that way during the entirety of season three. It was getting exhausting watching Mindy fly from guy to guy to like a Taylor Swift butterfly. However, there was one benefit of the guy-crazy gyno’s propensity to fall head-over-heels for hottie after hottie – as evidenced by the list of actors above, single Mindy attracted some pretty amazing guest stars.

Mindy might not be a man magnet now that she’s tied down, and this might seem like bad news for fans of “The Mindy Project” who love seeing which great guest star she’s going to nab next. However, the parade of famous faces probably won’t end just because Mindy and Danny are coupled up. In fact, the show has already scored a pretty awesome guest star for season three.

According to TV Line, actress Rhea Pearlman has been cast as Danny’s mother. Last season Danny’s dad was played by Dan Hedaya, Pearlman’s onscreen hubby on “Cheers.” Unsurprisingly, Mindy and Mama Castellano are going to butt heads, but it doesn’t sound like Danny is a mama’s boy who is going to have a tough time choosing sides. At the Television Critics Association press tour, Mindy Kaling told reporters that Danny’s mom also doesn’t get along with her own son. Expect to see Pearlman in the third episode of season three titled “Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis.”

Pearlman isn’t the only great guest star to appear on “The Mindy Project” as a character who isn’t one of Mindy or Danny’s love interests. The show did a great job finding interesting roles for the five famous faces listed below.

1. Maria Menounos

Mindy’s hair idol played herself on the show, and she attended the gluten-free season two office Christmas party as the date of Brendan the midwife. Mindy was planning to perform “Santa Baby” as part of a “sex trap” to lure lawyer Cliff into falling in love with her, but she abandoned her plan when Cliff left the party before her big performance. Luckily, Maria saved Mindy’s merry mistletoe melody from ending on a sour note by grabbing the mike and making all the men melt with her own sexy rendition of the song. Later Maria left the party with Peter, and the brah discovered that he didn’t need any confidence-boosting sips from Mindy’s cleavage-boosting booze bra to gather up the courage to talk to her. Maria’s singing was pretty amazing, but it sort of got overshadowed by Danny’s Aaliyah dance.

2. Ellie Kemper

The best female guest stars have both popped up at Christmas time, and they’ve both played a part in making poor Mindy miserable (she must be on Santa’s naughty list). During the season one Christmas party, there was an epic girl fight when Josh’s other woman Heather (Kemper) showed up at the holiday bash and started a “culture of anorexia” by calling Mindy chubby. After leaving the party in handcuffs, Heather later tried to make amends with a pie. However, Mindy feared her old nemesis baked it following the recipe from “The Help” (it includes poo). Heather made Mindy’s life even worse by hooking up with Cliff, but Mindy managed to steal a second man from the poor girl by the time the next office Christmas party came to an end. Hopefully Heather will eventually be back for revenge.

3. James Franco

In a somewhat creepy scene, Mindy kissed Dr. Leotard on the lips while he was passed out. However, Franco quickly established his role as a nemesis rather than a love interest. And how did he do this? By out-cuting Mindy, obviously. Paul Leotard also stole her “Dr. L” nickname and her office while she was in Haiti with Casey, and he wreaked havoc on Danny’s life by sleeping with ex-wife. However, Franco’s best scenes were the cringe-inducing sex therapy sessions where Dr. Leotard tried to push his Grammy-winning sex CDs on his patients. The CDs take listeners on an “erotic adventure” and begin by informing them that “the earlobe is the clitoris of the head” (surely Franco came up with this line himself).

4. Moby

It’s great when totally rando celebs pop up on “The Mindy Project.” In “My Cool Christian Boyfriend,” Moby helped Mindy’s new man score major points with his pop culture-obsessed lady by DJ-ing at the pastor’s church. DJ-ing is cool when you’re Moby, but Mindy was less than impressed when Casey decided to listen to Sir-Thumps-A-Lot (his heart) and drop a few beats of his own. Unfortunately, he lacked Moby’s work ethic and gave up on his DJ career before it took off.

5. Kevin Smith

This short celeb cameo was even better. Smith appeared on the show for one airplane fat joke that referenced something that happened to him in real life – he was kicked off of a plane because of his weight. In his “Mindy Project” scene, he complained about the thin folk who give him “skinny stink eye” on planes, and he insulted Mindy by refusing to see her as “a petite Asian woman” when taking his seat beside her. He almost sent Mindy into full-on meltdown mode by saying, “Chubs like us, we’ve got to stick together in the sky,” but Ginsberg from “Mad Men” (Ben Feldman) showed up to save the day by informing Smith that he was in the wrong seat. Mindy was relieved, but little did she know that she was sitting next to a psycho nipple slicer.

Who are your favorite “Mindy Project” guest stars who didn’t hook up with Mindy or Danny?

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