5 Kickstarter Webseries Projects Featuring a Strong Female Lead

Kickstarter Female Lead

With the success of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” going from a web series to full sitcom, we can see grassroots efforts help make room in the mainstream market for quality shows and movies. There are projects focused on every type of story line, but we want to spotlight those with a strong female lead.

You can help find and make happen the next “Broad City” by funding any of these five promising female-centered Kickstarter movies and shows in development now.

1. Beachy Head

“Beachy Head” is the female answer to Hollywood’s recent addiction to “bromance comedy.” It stars two middle-aged, middle-class women, and looks to be hilarious and daring. The filmmaker rewrote her family history, so it’s sure to be heartfelt. In it, a daughter throws her elderly father off the famous Southern England cliffs to die.

“My grandfather never wanted to die ill in a hospital bed. He always said he’d much rather be thrown off Beachy Head,” Bryony James explains in her Kickstarter video. “So in this film I’m rewriting history and I’m allowing my grandfather’s wish to happen on the screen.”

It’s a dark comedy that appears brimming with wit, and we’re especially interested in the two main characters, Rachel and Victoria, whose friendship feels real enough to deepen the initial shock of the kidnapping/throwing the old man off the cliffs story. And the scenery is going to be gorgeous too — have you seen those cliffs?

2. Burghatory

“Burghatory” is a television comedy featuring two adult cousins, Virginia and Finny, who heal old wounds and build a friendship as they experience life’s craziness together in Pittsburgh. The show’s creators describe it as “a little edgy, but with a lot of heart.”

A big vote of confidence for this show is an existing short film by the same creators, also starring a strong female lead. It’s called “Load,” and has been selected by both the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles and the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. Backers of “Burghatory” will receive a code to watch “Load” in its entirety.

3. She Makes Comics

According to the pitch video for this documentary, during the 1950s and 1960s, there were more women and girls reading comic books than men and boys — 55% to 45% — and only as superheroes began to take over the market did the industry start to feel like a boys’ club. This film tells the untold story of women in comics, and it looks awesome.

Filled with experts, artists, and fans, the film appears to be as celebratory as it is informative. For comic book fans, as well as those interested in the history of women in pop culture, this is surely a must-see.

4. The Single Ladies of NY

Another documentary, this film challenges anyone who thinks this will be yet another “finding love in the big city” cliche. Filmmaker Michelle Ortega is taking that topic and finally getting real with it rather than romanticizing it. She has already begun interviewing women across a broad spectrum of ages and life experiences to capture what it really is like to date in New York. The questions she asks and the answers she gets are illuminating.

As the description says, “oftentimes the women presented on singles shows … are portrayed as rather one-dimensional and single-minded. Women are complex and beautiful in all ages and shapes and sizes and we want portray them in a realistic manner.” Sounds like a great idea to us!

5. Ezekiel’s Landing

This sci-fi thriller comes out of a new film production company in Indiana, a reminder that with help from online fans and donors, worthwhile art is not limited to a couple of cities on the coasts. It’s an alien story that the creators call “a smart, funny, and nostalgic science fiction thriller with badass female characters.”

Which of these Kickstarter projects with strong female lead characters interests you the most?

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