5 Kickstarter Web Series That We Definitely Want to See Happen

Sunday Brunch

Thanks to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Internet series are getting a lot more love from viewers and fans, making it easier for creators to get backing and develop their TV show.

If you’re looking for a new show, we’ve found five great ones worthy of your time and funding.

1. Sunday Brunch

If you’re looking for a new show for girls’ night, this comedy could fill that need. Think of “Sunday Brunch” as the L.A. version of “Sex and the City.” It follows the story of friends Ashley, Cameron, and Ryan. These three unique ladies get together at the end of each weekend to have Bloody Marys and hash out what’s been going on in their lives. At just $6,000, it shouldn’t take too many ladies to help get this show funded and airing new episodes for all of us to enjoy.

2. Henchmen

Ever wonder what the bad guys do on their day off? Now you can find out. “Henchmen” is a drama/comedy (or dramady, as some say) that follows Hammerhead Johnson, a bad guy henchman who is trying to make ends meet with his odd jobs. Some episodes will feature other villains and how they effectively balance life on the dark side with their personal lives. The campaign was originally looking for $3,000 to get the ball rolling, but after just three days on Kickstarter, the funds were met. So now they’ve added additional goals for different elements of upcoming episodes. Check these out and make sure to give generously so we can get them funded!

3. A Perfect Situation

Consider it the “to be continued” for every Hollywood love story. When Megan effectively ditches her fiancé at her wedding to be with her male BFF, they’re blissfully happy – for a little while, at least. The rest of the series focuses on what happens after the romantic love story ends and real life hits. Chris and Megan need to make peace with their decision and their new roles in each other’s lives. The campaign is looking for $13.5K and already has a full pilot in place for your viewing.

4. Theta

If you’d rather escape into a fantasy world when you watch TV online, you’ll probably be more into the animated series, “Theta.” This show tells the story of a police squad responsible for keeping the last human planet, Youth, safe. Theta is responsible for battling rebel groups while searching for lost Razon legion, missing and presumably battling monsters and aliens. It’ll be a fast-paced, action-packed series, looking to raise just under $2,000 for all phases of the project.

5. Planners

When Carol, JM, and Mackenzie set out to create their own party planning business, they’re disorganized and clueless, but still filled with ambition. “Planners” follows the hapless even planners as they try to service A-list customers with a B-list level of experience. The campaign is looking for $4,000 to make the series all it can be and continue the story.

By separating the Web series that have the most promise from those that could be D.O.A., you can decide which are the most deserving of your funds and backing. Added bonus? You won’t have to clear room on your DVR to make space in your schedule for what could be your new favorite show.

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