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5 Kickstarter Documentaries You Want To See

Tardis in Space

Kickstarter isn’t just for starting a company, it’s a home for music, art, film, and other projects of all sizes. We’ve done a little research on the documentary projects on Kickstarter, and we love these five projects.

1. A TARDIS in space

Why We Like It
2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and what better way to celebrate than by launching a satellite created in the likeness of a TARDIS into space? That’s right, the guys behind this Kickstarter project have created a replica of the Doctor Who TARDIS and they’re raising money to launch it into space. Once launched, the TARDIS will record pictures of the Earth from its orbit. The project has almost 3,000 backers who’ve pledged more than $75,000 so far.
Those who pledge on Kickstarter are given memory space aboard the hard drive to load photos, their name, or anything else they’d like. Anyone backing the project will also be named in the documentary.

2. A Matter of Time – An ALS Documentary

Why We Like It
This documentary follows the story of Kathryn Calder as she learned that her mother was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Kathryn moved back into her childhood home to take care of her mother full time. The Kickstarter project has 380 backers so far who have pledged more than $30,000. The project has a few weeks remaining to reach its goal of $50,000.
Kathryn Calder from The New Pornographers was inspired to write a solo album as a gift to her mother. The inspirational story about courage will boost your spirit. Plans for the documentary release are estimated in December 2014.

3. “Sriracha – A Documentary film by Griffin Hammond

Why We Like It
If you love Sriracha hot sauce, this film is for you. The short documentary tells the story of where Sriracha came from, how it’s made, and why people love to eat it. So far, the project has over 900 backers pledging $16,000+.
Griffin Hammond’s creative documentary about the “best-tasting hot sauce,” according to Cooks Illustrated, reveals many little-known facts about what goes into each bottle of Sriracha. Davin Tran, Vietnam refugee is the man responsible for bringing the orange sauce to the U.S. You are sure to learn something you don’t know about your favorite hot sauce when the documentary comes out in late 2013.

4. “Kickstarted: Documenting the Crowdfunding Revolution

Why We Like It
Jason Cooper, Jay Armitage, and Chris Gartin document the crowdfunding revolution in this documentary. Crowdfunding is the next big thing in the 21st Century, and this project plans to cover every aspect of it. The documentary is scheduled to be released to film festivals in 2014. The project has over 800 backers who have pledged more than $85,000.
2012 was a monumental year for crowdfunding; more than a million projects were funded by $2.7 billion dollars. Research shows that number will more than double in 2013. Passionate entrepreneurs leave it all up to crowdfunding in hopes that the masses will believe in them enough to get their ideas off the ground. Their stories are sure to inspire you.

5. “Very Semi-Serious

Why We Like It
This documentary from Leah Wolchok and Davina Pardo is meant to make you laugh with a look behind the scenes of The New Yorker cartoons and their creators. Very Semi-Serious takes a look at the past, present, and future of all the iconic cartoons and the crazy process the cartoonists go through every week to get their work published. The film is nearing the end of production, and has over 700 backers and $80,000+ dollars pledged.
Fans of cartoon legends like Matt Diffee, Roz Chast, Andy Friedman, Jack Ziegler, and many others will love this whimsical look at the life of famous cartoon artists. Creating humorous cartoons is so much more than being a good artist. It’s a science. Learn what makes it so unique.

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