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It might seem absurd to talk about “Talking Dead,” as it’s a TV series that’s all about talking about another TV series, but “The Walking Dead” postmortem show is doing an excellent job of generating its own buzz. However, instead of being about who’s going to die, the chatter is about who’s going to appear on the show to chat about who’s going to die.

For example, the recent appearance of wrestler CM Punk generated buzz because the WWE reportedly wasn’t happy about one of its biggest stars returning to TV by sitting on a couch instead of stepping into a wrestling arena. CM Punk walked away from the WWE a few weeks ago, and the company was miffed the star didn’t try to work things out with the WWE while he was in Los Angeles to film “Talking Dead.”

Mindy Kaling also made headlines when a fan of “The Walking Dead” took to Twitter to dub her the worst ” Talking Dead” guest ever. She responded by tweeting she’s seen every episode of the show twice.

Then there was Marilyn Manson’s bizarre appearance. The shock rocker compared burning bodies to burning bras and killing zombies to killing Native Americans. He also said Carol (Melissa McBride) makes him think of Activia because she looks so much like Jamie Lee Curtis. Viewers weren’t very impressed with his rambling analysis.

It’s impressive the talk show can get fans talking just as much as “The Walking Dead” itself, and it really needs to keep pursuing interesting guests. Here are a few celebs I’d love to see on the show.

Will Ferrell – This funnyman did a great job mocking host Chris Hardwick by appearing on his “@midnight” show as a character named “Chad Softwick,” a sweater vest-wearing softie who was introduced as the host of a faux spinoff show titled “@midday.” It might be fun to see Ferrell’s sweet, puppy-loving character fill in for Hardwick for the first 10 minutes or so of “The Walking Dead.” He’d probably just talk about how adorable Dooley the one-eyed dog was.

Lady Gaga – If anyone can out-weird Marilyn Manson, it’s Gaga. Can you imagine what she’d wear to the show? Maybe she could get her claws on a signature Greg Nicotero design that looks like it’s made out of zombie skin and bloody innards, and maybe Daryl Dixon would let her borrow his ear necklace. Speaking of Daryl, Norman Reedus might be able to convince Gaga to appear on the show after starring in her “Judas” music video. In fact, Reedus told Vulture Gaga asked him to be in the video because she’s such a big fan of “The Walking Dead.” I can totally picture Mama Monster creating a zombie alter ego for the show and refusing to break character (remember Jo Calderone at the 2011 MTV VMAs?).

Snooki – If you thought fans had a fit about Mindy Kaling, just imagine how they’d react to Snooki trying to talk about the Daryl-Beth dynamic and how she’d survive during a zombie apocalypse. However, the pickle-loving “Princess of Poughkeepsie” is actually a bona fide fan of the show who’s even read the comic books (she was thrilled to find out a character used the slang term “DTF” in one of them). She also received an appreciative tweet from Robert Kirkman, but maybe he wasn’t being completely serious when he wrote, “My life is complete!” after being informed Snooki loves his zombie world. It would be fascinating to hear her thoughts on what the cast of “Jersey Shore” would do during a zombie apocalypse. Would they give the walkers spray tans, and would they try to keep living the GTL life with no gym, tanning beds, or laundry rooms with working washers and dryers? These are the questions Snooki needs to answer.

Dan Harmon – On a more serious note, Harmon might actually have something really constructive to say about the show. The mastermind behind “Community” has admitted to being a fan of “The Walking Dead,” and he had a lot to say about it during an interview on Nerdist.com. He thought the first season was too faithful to the comic books, and he hated seeing the Governor’s face until he got all beardy after the fall of Woodbury. I’d love to hear what he wants to see Rick and the crew do next. Maybe he’d advise them to hole up in a local community college where they could take a break from walking by sitting down at a table to plan their next move while they engage in a little witty, rapid-fire banter. “Community” stars Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs have already appeared on “Talking Dead,” and showrunner Scott Gimple tweeted the Harmontown podcast “partly fueled” season 4 of “The Walking Dead.” Harmon has also gushed about how “breathtaking” season 4 is, so hopefully this little love-fest will lead to his appearance on the talk show.

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