2011 and beyond, is TV worth it?

Why would anyone in their right mind have television service these days? With a basic internet connection you can access most television shows from anywhere in the world, at reasonable prices, and all without an additional line in your home or satellite dish on your roof. So why would a television subscription be worth having? Here we’ll take a look at a few possible reasons why TV service is worth having today.


Every year the Super Bowl is broadcasted to more than 100 million people over cable television. In addition to the Super Bowl, television specials, season finales, and countless other events, cable television bring together millions and millions of people each year. If you don’t have cable TV you’re stuck celebrating these events days later, vicariously through your friends, or occasionally not celebrating at all. Internet TV doesn’t bring people together like cable television can, and it likely won’t for years to come.


If you’ve ever tried watching a television show on a laptop or small monitor with your friends or a loved one you know how uncomfortable the experience can be. Unless you have a way to stream your videos directly to a larger television screen, the small screen of a computer makes getting the best seat in your house a competition. How are you going to enjoy your favorite shows if everyone’s competing for the one spot on the couch that has a good view?


Cable TV means just that: television. Watching videos via the web is often TOO interactive. You’re guaranteed to be bombarded with interactive and flashy advertisements through online videos, inviting you to try out new web apps, play show-related games, and connect with friends and family through ubiquitous social widgets. The internet makes watching TV exhausting! If you simply want to watch some quality entertainment and not be hounded by a million other options, cable is the way to go.


If you want to watch the latest episode of a favorite show or sports game, you’re nearly always guaranteed to get it through cable. Try watching the most recent episode of any popular show or the big sports game happening today online, legally, and you’ll be met with plenty of “Coming Soon” or “Unavailable” banter. Cable is still the premier platform for popular shows and live sports games, and will likely be for many years to come. If you’re a true fan, you really can’t afford to look online for live or major broadcasts.


Many online channels require you to pay extra costs to watch repeatedly. Some internet providers even cap bandwidth which makes it difficult to watch all of the shows you want, particularly if you are trying to stream videos in HD. Cable television, on the other hand, gives you unlimited viewing potential at one fixed cost, whether you’re watching HD cable or not.


Sure, you can get breaking news online, but you can’t see breaking news, as it happens in real time. Live news only comes through your television, and that’s a fact that won’t be changing in the immediate future.


You can’t get true HD entertainment unless you get it through cable, it’s just not possible with internet technology yet. While many video websites tout offering full HD picture, the quality is noticeably lacking in detail, and is unfortunately dependent on your internet connection. Poorly pixilated “HD” video remains a constant reminder of why we still love reliable cable television. While internet TV is still a growing industry — and the list of pros vs. cons is growing every day — there’s still a lot that cable television can offer you. If you want the absolute best viewing experience, the ability to watch as much as you want, to enjoy live broadcasts such as the Super Bowl with your friends, and to not get distracted by apps or games, cable television is definitely worth considering for now. Agree or disagree? Do you think TV is worth having in 2011 (and beyond)?

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  • geeranasaurus-rex

    FIRST. You make some good points here, especially when it comes to current events. My most memorable TV moment was when I was in a first period art class in High School, and the TV came on to show a building with smoke billowing out of it, and then all of the sudden another airplane hitting the adjacent tower. I still get chills thinking of that moment. For me, this was a combination of a few of the above points. Thanks for this unique perspective.