“16 & Pregnant” Star Maddy Godsey: Where is she now?


“16 & Pregnant” has returned to MTV for a fifth season.

On the premiere episode, fans meet Maddy Godsey, a teenage girl who, after a one-night stand, found out she was expecting Cody Jensen’s baby. After months apart, Godsey and Jensen came together in hopes of starting a solid relationship before their baby’s arrival.

Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened.

Following the Oct. 20, 2013 birth of their daughter Aubrey, Godsey and Jensen parted ways, and once they did, things became extremely strained. In fact, they are no longer communicating with one another and Jensen hasn’t seen his daughter in two months.

Prior to the premiere, Godsey posted a message to fans on her official Facebook page, telling her side of the story, which she felt may have gotten cut out of the episode. This 7-point list is taken directly from that post.

1. Cody was not around for the first 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy & we broke up because he was out partying & cheating Telling people he was only with me because of Aubrey

2. He does have a son that is 2 months older than Aubrey

3. I didn’t give aubrey his last name because he hasn’t shown me he deserved it, he wasn’t around financially or emotionally for me or Aubrey

4. He hasn’t asked about or seen Aubrey since she was 2 months old.

5. I didn’t move in with him because he started calling me a slut & asked his other baby’s mother to move in, too.

6. He did ask for a DNA test but I never refused. I told him he has to pay for it. Why should I pay when I know he’s the father? He can use the child support I’m not getting

7. He said it isn’t worth seeing her if he can’t take her overnight. Yet, he has a pot plant growing in the backyard knowing that could get her taken away, she doesn’t Even know who he is, & she’s not getting in the car with someone who is uninsured. He used to tell me he needed medication to control hos anger & when he didnt take it he would be mean. what if he snaps around aubrey? Also he used to do heroin so how do i know he isn’t still?

From the sound of things, Godsey has her hands full. Between raising her daughter alone, and dealing with the drama involving Jensen, she is dealing with way more than the average teen, but that was the risk she took when she had unprotected sex.

“I feel like it’s harder than I expected, just because I’m doing it on my own. And sometimes I feel like I’m on house arrest because I can’t go anywhere, really, ’cause I have her all the time,” Godsey told Us Weekly. “I love being a mom — I just feel like I want a family.”

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